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Our latest guest is Anese Cavanaugh CEO of Active Choices and the author of the highly impactful books: ‘Contagious Culture’, ‘Contagious You’ and ‘The Leader You Will Be.

This conversation with Anese had profoundly impacted on how I view myself and the impact I have on others around me. It made me deeply reflect on how I want to show up and also what kind of leader I want to evolve into.📈

We dive into the importance of self-leadership, the power of not being busy just for the sake of it, understanding better how much bandwidth and energy you and your team have right now, how to show up and be intentional and much more.

We discuss the direct impact that leaders have on other people, and here Anese highlights the importance of leaders taking care of themselves, especially in these times of uncertainty, so they can show up stronger and more impactful.

This is a must listen and it will help you get a better at managing yourself and others.👈

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​Right now as leaders, we are going through an extreme transformation internally to find new ways of navigating the new world. This happens in my view, either consciously or unconsciously.

​This extreme change also demands that you as the leader accept that change equals constant self-development to keep up.

​Therefore at this moment in time, the most important thing you can do as a leader is invest in yourself - work on making your strengths even more robust, so you are on the wave instead of under it when it comes.

​But remember to be patient with yourself. You are planting seeds, not harvesting - your effort will pay out when you are ready.

​What do you do to grow yourself patiently?


In this great podcast interview done by our friends over at Tamweel Capital, Adam Spencer talks with Nisha Katona MBE, Founder and CEO of Mowgli Street Food who shares her journey in building a purpose driven business that uses its community to make better decisions. She also talks about where the business is headed, how to choose your investors with care and how to play to your strengths as the founder. Grab your notebook and tune in.


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